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Compression Options

Compress the SQL backup files to a ZIP ( *.ZIP ) or GZIP ( *.GZ ) file for reducing the disk usage.
Compression Options

  1. Compression Format:
    1. ZIP: ZIP is fairly popular on Windows, it's capable of archiving and compressing multiple files and you can easily extract individual files from a large ZIP file.
    2. GZIP: GZIP can achieve better compression compared with ZIP and it's more popular on UNIX-like operating systems.
  2. Compression Level: Lower level gives faster speed but lower compression rate and higher level gives higher compression rate but slower speed. It only works for ZIP format. The default value is recommended.
  3. Encryption: The encryption algorithms, including ZIP Compatible, WinZip AES 128, WinZip AES 192 and WinZip AES 256. It only works for ZIP format.
  4. Password: If you choose the option Encryption, the password is required. Please remember the password you set. You have to enter it when extract the backup files.
  5. Self Extracting: If you choose the option, the compressed file will be an executable file ( *.exe ). It means you can extract the SQL file without UNZIP program. It only works for ZIP format.

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